Monday, December 3, 2012

Item of the Week - Large Carved Vase

 This week, Palm Tree Pottery is offering a 16" large vase hand carved with fish.  We will only be offering this for a week, so click on over and take advantage of this piece because when it is gone, it is gone.  You will also get free shipping again with this vase.  Go to to purchase this.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  We had beautiful weather here in North Carolina.  We got our tree on Friday and it was great not be be freezing while picking it out!  We got it up and decorated, but still have some more decorating to do around the house.  Below are some pictures of the actual work.

I have got to go and do a little Christmas shopping, so until next time.  

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The Potter's Wife :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special Offer from Palm Tree Pottery

Check out our website,, for a special offer.  We are featuring our Large Carved Platter on our homepage.  We only have one, with free shipping, so hurry on over and take advantage of this offer.

As for the Hester's, it has been a BUSY summer and fall.  We did three shows in four weeks (that was in October).  Tyler is in graduate school at UNC-G (he graduated from Greensboro College in May) and is an assistant coach for the Varsity Basketball team at High Point Christian.  He also has an assistantship with UNC-G.  Marsh is in his sophomore year at High Point University and doing very well.

We bought a trailer to go with us to our shows and it has made life so much easier with our set up.  The only draw back is I cannot back the thing!!!  I can pull it, but have not mastered the backing part.  So, Marsh is our official backer and he is a natural at it!!!

We were home for Thanksgiving and enjoyed just being with each other.  Mac and the boys smoked a turkey on the grill and I made everything to go with it.  We are looking forward to Christmas and will be getting our tree this weekend.  Marsh and Tyler will be on break soon, and that will be nice to have them here and not on a schedule.

Smoking the turkey, raking leaves, and cleaning the pool.  My multi-taskers!!
Of course, Izzy is supervising them all in my absence!

Mac watching Marsh carve the turkey and trying not to give any advice on how to do it!!

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The Potter's Wife :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Ready for Seagrove

This weekend is the 4th Annual North Carolina Pottery Festival. It is being held at the Seagrove Elementary School at 528 Old Plank Road, Seagrove, NC. The times will be 9 am to 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday the 14th and the 15th. Palm Tree Pottery is booth number 31. I hope everyone will come out and see us and all the other potters that will be there.

In getting ready for the show we have been finishing up some new pieces and glazing like crazy!!! To top it all off, one of our relays went out on our bisque kiln. Both kilns went down right before Christmas and we just had all of the elements changed, so this hit hard. It has been a long time since we operated with only one kiln. But we made it.

Below is a peak at some of the pieces that have come out of the kiln this week - actually they are still in the kiln in the picture :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our pieces. We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

The Potter's Wife :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trying to Get Back into Blogging!!!

Life has been happening and Palm Tree Pottery is still going!!! We have graduated another son from high school - last May, 2011. Now we are going to graduate one from college this May!!! So it goes with the Hester's. Marsh just finished his freshman year at High Point University and Tyler will graduate from Greensboro College in May.

As for the pottery - we are gearing up for our year. We will be doing a few more shows this year - a few are new to us and at the beach - which we have not done before. But first, I want to let everyone know that our first show is coming up, The 4th Annual NC Pottery Festival on April 14 and 15 in Seagrove, North Carolina. Instead of this show being in Greensboro at the coliseum this year, it will be in Seagrove at Seagrove Elementary School. We will have some new colors that are not on our website. They are also on white clay. We have started adding white clay as well as still using our speckled brownstone. We look forward to seeing everyone in Seagrove.

Here are a few pictures from this past year:

Marsh's Graduation

Tyler coaching his JV team

Just a few pictures of some new pieces

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Glad to have you stop by. Keep looking for more posts with some of our new colors.

The Potter's Wife :)