Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Ready for the Woolly Worm Festival

We are busy getting ready for the Woolly Worm Festival this weekend in Banner Elk, North Carolina.  If you have never been you should make the trip.  It is in downtown Banner Elk (which is beautiful in itself) and so much fun.  They actually race woolly worms.  (That is what is going on in the picture above.)  There is a cash prize for the top winner of the day.  When I was an assistant in kindergarten, I would always bring back a live woolly worm for the kids to see and show them how they are raced.  They race up a string attached to this huge board.  It really is fun and everyone has a great time.  

This weekend is supposed to be very nice and sunny - unlike last year when it snowed!!!  We are in our same spot, booth number 5.  We would love for everyone to come to the festival and if you do, please stop by our booth and see us. You could even get in a little Christmas shopping -preferably with Palm Tree Pottery :)  Really, there are great vendors there and you could knock out some of your shopping while enjoying the beautiful mountains and watching the woolly worms race.  

Just to catch up since the last blog, we have changed our booth at Artwalk.  Not the actual booth, we are still in the same spot, but the "decor" if you will of the booth.  We think it looks really good.  When you are in Boone, please stop in and see what we have done.  (Actually, we need to get one more piece of furniture - the tall skinny one - and then it will be finished. It is hard to buy furniture and visualize it at the same time.)

This is our booth before.

Here are my guys doing the work.

Here is the finished booth.

Hope to see you at the Woolly Worm Festival!!!

Until the next time . . .

The Potter's Wife :)