Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Little Piggy

Today I have been making piggy banks.  Mac throws the body and I put all the attachments on to turn a "vase" or "bottle" into a piggy bank. 

The top picture shows all of the attachments that I have to make to put the pigs together and the bottom shows the body before attachments begin and after legs have been put on.  

After I attach the legs, I go ahead and sign the pig.  I want the future owner of the piggy bank to know that it took two people to make this pig, so I came up with the above.  For all of you who do not know, my husband, Mac (aka the potter) calls me Pudge and that is what I sign my pieces of pottery with.

Here I am putting their ears on.

And here they are finished. Aren't they cute!!   They will have to wait to dry and be fired twice before they are ready.  The best part of our piggy banks is that you do not have to break the bank to get your money out.  It just comes out of their snouts.  (I guess I am a poet and didn't know it :)

The picture below is just to let you know what the potter was doing while I was working!!!

I guess he had worked all day, so he deserved a rest. 

Thanks for reading!  I love y'all! 

Until next time . . .

The Potter's Wife :)


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